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What They Say

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"The Center’s Parent Guides should be required reading for every parent of a bright student."
Taryn Cornelius, New York

"Your knowledge and advice were invaluable as we worked with our school to meet our child's needs."
Richard M., California

"I've read your Parent Guide on educating advanced math students, and my first question is, "Where have you been all my life?"
Tammy Nagel, Kansas

"Thank you for being an amazing advocate. Because of the letters you drafted and your negotiation advice as we struggled with teachers and administrators, my daughter is finally getting the academic challenge she desperately wanted. I feel so lucky to have found you."
Dorothy Austin, California

"Great suggestions for keeping my children challenged! I'll definitely be consulting with you throughout my children's schooling."
Cheryl Abbott, Georgia

"Brillliant! I only wish more educators would read your Parent’s Guide to the myths teachers believe about gifted students."
Tamara, California teacher

"I could not begin to adequately describe the great service you are providing to parents like myself. Teaching our children is definitely a team effort and I feel that the Center provides tools I need to help my children succeed in school and, most of all, love learning."
Marianne Ratcliff, California

"The math resources you suggested for our grandson enabled him to work at his own speed in math class. He's so happy being able to move beyond the curriculum. Thank you."
Ruth S., California

“I wish I had read the math Parent Guide before meeting with the principal and superintendent of my son's elementary school. It would have well prepared me for their many objections to differentiating math in the classroom."
Terri R., California

"Packed with resource options and practical advice, Susan’s comprehensive Parent Guide is an excellent starting point for any parent whose child is ready for more math challenge."
Denise Jessup, Oregon
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

"The insight that Susan has on mathematically gifted students is keen and on target. Her analysis of their special needs both in the classroom and out will be of great benefit. Both parents and teachers will enjoy perusing this Parent Guide for information."
Carol Smead, Colorado
Retired math teacher
Curriculum consultant

"If you have a gifted student, you must read the ‘Myths’ Parent Guide."
Rachel H., California

"Critical information, presented in an interesting and easy to read style. Thank you!
K.Z., California

"I truly wish this information had been available earlier. My gifted daughter excelled in school with minimal effort because she was rarely challenged, despite our efforts to get her an education more appropriate to her abilities. Neither middle school nor high school helped her develop the study habits she needed when she entered Columbia University and was surrounded by gifted peers. The ‘Myths” Parent Guide would have been so helpful as we tried to persuade her teachers that she needed more advanced work to challenge and engage her, and better prepare her for a rigorous college curriculum."
Taryn Cornelius, New York

"The “Your Brain” program provides information every child should have, presented in a fun and engaging way."
Rose Hayden-Smith, parent

"I can now identify my learning strategy and know how to effectively study for school."
Marisee D., 10th grader

"‘Your Brain’ was a great program. I plan on using the tips provided for both my kids and myself."
Angie Hecht, parent

"Now I know the best ways for me to learn, and I won’t have to waste time trying to learn things in ways that don’t help me."
Kate D., 10th grader.

"The ‘Your Brain’ program should be offered at the schools for all students and families."
Patty, parent

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