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Consulting Services

We help you meet your advanced learner’s needs from kindergarten through college planning.


Tell us about your child’s interests and strengths, and we’ll provide step-by-step guidance to help you get your high-ability math or science student, talented writer, or advanced reader a great education.

We suggest a host of innovative approaches to help keep your child challenged and interested in learning, both in the classroom and at home;

We help you negotiate with your school to better meet your child’s needs through approaches such as acceleration, distance learning, independent study, etc.;

We suggest resources, including on-line programs, websites, DVD’s, computer programs, and intriguing workbooks to replace and supplement less-challenging work at school and at home.

We help you get your child involved in math competitions, and advise about organizing math clubs and math teams;

We help you find -- or organize -- book clubs and young writer’s communities;

We help you find publication opportunities and writing competitions for your child; we help you find mentors for your child

"Because of the letters you drafted and your negotiation advice as we struggled with teachers and administrators, my daughter is finally getting the academic challenge she desperately wanted."

Dorothy Austin, California 

"Great suggestions for keeping my children challenged!  I’ll definitely be consulting with you throughout their schooling."

Cheryl Abbot, Georgia

I help 9th-12th grade students through every part of the college planning process to increase their chances of getting into their dream schools.

This includes:

  • Finding and creating innovative, fun & impressive ways for students to build a resume — based on their genuine interests! — that will help them stand out from the admissions pack
  • Helping students discover their interests
  • Advising on which classes to take
  • Advising about standardized testing — what tests to take, and when to take them
  • Helping students find colleges that are right for them, and working with them to create their college list
  • Advising students about all aspects of the college application, including reviewing essays and activity lists and helping them get their strongest recommendations
  • Preparing students for college interviews
  • Helping students find and apply for scholarships
  • Helping students in college with transfer applications

I also help students apply to graduate school!

For more information about our college planning services, go to susangoodkin.com

Webinars and Workshops

Check out our live and recorded workshops and webinars at susangoodkin.com

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