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We help you:

  • Counter myths about educating bright children

  • Learn about resources and innovative educational approaches for your child

  • Customize your child’s classroom learning

  • Negotiate with schools to better meet your child’s needs

  • Draft letters to teachers and administrators to advocate for your child

  • Prepare your child for academic talent searches

  • Enhance your child’s college admissions prospects

and much more!


Products & Services

Parent Guides

  • Educating advanced math students
  • Responding to myths about advanced students

Consulting Services

  • We help you meet your
    advanced learner’s needs from kindergarten through college planning

DVD’s (for students)

  • Programs on the most effective techniques for learning,
    studying and testing

Resources for Parents (free)

  • Advice from mathematicians, scientists and writers to help you nurture your child’s love of learning.

  • Newsletter (free)

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The California Learning Strategies Center helps parents get their advanced and gifted children
the education they deserve, inside and outside the classroom.

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